Mini Greenhouse Terrarium by Atelier 2

Mini Greenhouse Terrarium by Atelier 2

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A room within a room for nature. Designer duo Atelier 2 have created a greenhouse that is small enough for indoor use but large enough to house a miniature garden. The Atelier + 2 Greenhouse is made from lacquered solid ash timber with panes of toughened glass and a planting tray made of galvanized metal. The wooden support reinforces the architectonic expression and converts it into a freestanding ornament in the room. The hatches can be secured in the raised position while one is working with the plants


Range:  Atelier 2 + Worapong Manupipatpong & Ada Chirakranont For Design House Stockholm

Sizing: 480 x 240 x 410mm 

Material: Ash and tempered safety glass

Delivery: 4 -5 weeks

Colours: Black Ash


Collab include a specialist drop off service for this item. Please see delivery policy. White glove can be provide upon request also.