Haeckels Essential Incense -  Incense Burner

Haeckels Essential Incense - Incense Burner

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A Hand Made Brass Bowl Paired With Laboratory Standard Glass Funnel. Haeckels Incense Burner and brass bowl combined act as a perfect safe burning station for your incense. This works perfectly with our own Haeckels Incense Cones. The dish works as a place for the cone to sit and burn on its own whilst the funnel can be used to extinguish the cone or placed over the cone for a few seconds to create a burst of scent within the room.

How to Use 

Light the cone and place glass funnel carefully on top of the brass plate to create a burst of scent or extinguish the cone. Perfect for creating an intense hit of incense and also extinguishing the cone effectively. When paired with our wooden incense cones this creates a luxurious and stylish scent distributor.


3- 5 days. Collab offer a DPD service for this item.