Jugs by 1882 - Production Range 3 (29cm)

Jugs by 1882 - Production Range 3 (29cm)

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After the success of McLeans Garden Ware Jugs and Vases he has collaborated further with 1882 Ltd. to produce ‘Production Jugs’. The jugs are slip cast instead of slab built but each of the silk screen decals that decorate the jugs are cut from the same sheet in different areas making the decision for the design and position that of the decorator. Each piece is unique as a consequence.


Range: 1882 Ltd with Bruce McLean (Jug 3)

Sizing:  H290mm

Material: Earthenware, glazed

Delivery: 1-2 weeks 

Colours: White / Black  


Collab offer a DPD or similar service for this item.